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The Center Letter Blog has moved – and gets a new name – the Center Blog.

April 12, 2016

You will find the same rich content and conversation, but in a new environment, accessed here.  In this new location, you will more easily experience the surroundings of support for the church’s renewal.  Here you will have access to the string of posts and comments that began earlier this year, “Redeeming Work: Living Wholly within God’s Reign.” At the same time, discover a wide range of supports your church may be looking for as it seeks to discern and live out its God-given mission.

The new name –  the Center Blogis shorter and leans into the future – as its topics do.  We are sun-setting the name Center Letter Blog, and in doing so, recognizing the decades long tradition of the Center’s monthly research newsletter, The Center Letter.  the Center Blog will provide the same level of scholarship for the questioning and thinking church leader.  For those seeking to cultivate the missional church, the Center Blog will be a platform for online conversation, and a dynamic tool for study groups and leadership teams in the local congregation setting.  Welcome to the the Center Blog.


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