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The Simple Life: God’s Quiet Revolution of Love, Forgiveness, and Unity.

The revolutions we read about in newspapers and history books aren’t usually quiet. They’re fueled by the power of military alliances or the “power of the people.”

The point of any revolution is to turn things around to change the world that is into the world that ought to be.  But the revolutions we hear about are the loud ones.

God is sowing seeds of a quiet revolution in neighborhoods and farmlands around the world. Where the subversive practices of loving one another, welcoming the stranger, forgiving one another, returning good for evil, even sharing goods in common, are being practiced, there is a quiet revolution going on.

The quiet revolution of God’s kingdom doesn’t spring up big and tall, parading its supremacy over all the other kingdoms of the earth. Instead, like plants whose root systems spread and thrive underground, it quietly grows. There are many forces at work to diminish its life and liveliness, but in the end, God’s kingdom will win. Faith communities today are being caught up in God’s simple yet eternal way.  They are discovering afresh their part in God’s plan to redeem the world through a peculiar people.

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