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Center Letter Theme

2016  Theme:
Redeeming Work: Living Wholly within God’s Reign

This year we invite you to join with us as we consider the theme: “Redeeming Work: Living Wholly within God’s Reign,” exploring the need, the opportunity, the history, theology and the practice of daily work as a core component of God’s mission in the world. To begin the year long discussion of “Redeeming Work,” over the next few months, significant insights and themes from various writings about work will be explored.

In 2004, the publication Leaven: A Journal of Christian Ministry, published by Pepperdine University, was devoted to the theme “Faith and Work.” The editor, Jim Street, explained the choice of topic:  “Work is one of the most significant facets of life. Many, if not most of us, spend more time working than anything else. We express ourselves through our work. We provide for our families through our work. We even find clues to the questions of identity and purpose in our work. We expend a large portion of our energy, time, and resources to our work.” He then addressed the issue of the lack of attention that the church pays to this issue. “Because work is one of the most significant facets of life, one would assume the issue would be frequently addressed in the church. One would think that we would expend as much energy on work as we do our children, youth, and family programs. However, we find very few ministries specifically directed toward the questions of faith and work in the local church.”

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